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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does it work?

A: The front of our shop is the café, designed to serve coffee and other drinks and treats. No cats ever enter this area for safety and health reasons. All of the cats stay in a separate area called the Cat Lounge, a room that we provide free to Leon County Humane Society to serve as a foster home for their cats up for adoption. The café has plenty of seating ideal for studying and hanging out including bar seating along a viewing glass that overlooks the Cat Lounge.


We do charge an hourly rate of $10.00 per person for the Cat Lounge with a maximum capacity of 10 people. Anything that you order from the coffee bar you are welcome to bring in with you to the Cat Lounge. Walk-ins are accepted based on availability. We highly recommend you reserve a spot in the lounge before coming in to ensure we have room for you. All reservations start at the top of each hour, so please plan accordingly for check-in and ordering beverages.

Your patronage to our business has - so far - helped over 1,000 cats find homes since May of 2018. Through being open, we've allowed our rescue partner the space to grow, doubling the number of cats they save yearly. We appreciate your support, and the cats do too! 

Q. What is your policy for children?

Adult supervision and accompaniment is required for children under 13 at all times. Admission for children is $10.00.  

Infants under 2 are not allowed in the cat lounge.

We request that children under 13 do not pick up the cats or carry them around. Petting and playing is great and an adult supervisor can assist with placing a cat into a lap. 

Q: Can I bring my cat?

A: All of the cats in our Cat Lounge are from Leon County Humane Society and go through a strict vetting process. To protect your cat and the cats from LCHS, we request that you leave your kitty home, as it would be impossible to verify vaccines and other necessary medical information from all outside cats. Also, it would likely not be a very pleasant experience for anyone, especially your cat.

Cats aren't like dogs, they're space oriented. Even indoor/outdoor cats don't stray more than a mile usually. When outside their comfort zone they get scared and anxious. Even if your cat was adopted from the café, their space is now your home. Taking them out of that space will cause anxiety. A cat that comes to our café from a kennel in the shelter loves the cat room. A cat that comes from a home to the cat room spends a few days depressed. A home is better than the café, so give your cat the stimulation and play in the comfort of your home. Feel free to ask staff for advice on keeping your new kitty occupied.

Q: Can you take in cats?

A: Unfortunately, we are not a shelter and cannot take in stray cats. We act as a foster home for Leon County Humane Society, but we do not act as a rescue, just an adoption center. If you have found a stray cat or need to surrender a cat please contact Leon County Humane Society. You can email their cat coordinator about the possibility of LCHS taking the cat in at


Q: Do you have merchandise?

A: We have merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs, tumblers, stickers, pins and more available in our cafe as well as online in our gift shop. Shout out to team member Lyn Collins at @LynDoesArt for many of our purr-fect designs. Additionally, we have cat-themed art, pins, and stickers designed by local Tallahassee artist, Autumn Delaney, (AutumnDelaneyArt,) available at the café. 


Q: How can I be involved?

A: If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for the Cat Lounge, we appreciate you! We do however have a limited number of volunteer opportunities available. If you're interested, please email us at If you are vendor looking to supply wholesale products in Tally Cat Café, you can contact us at or message us on Facebook! If you are looking to join our team, stay updated on our Facebook page for future job opportunities.

Q: Why Leon County Humane Society?

A: All three of Tally Cat Café's owners have been involved with LCHS in the past. There are plenty of amazing rescues in Tallahassee, but we have a relationship with LCHS that we appreciate and trust. LCHS goes above and beyond in our experience to give their animals the best possible care, and that is very important to us when considering our customer's safety in the café.

Q: What if I'm allergic to cats?

A: No problem! If you just want to stop in for a cup of your favorite local coffee in the morning, cats never enter the area where coffee is prepped or served. They are always isolated in a separate room, and it is always your choice to interact with them other than admiring them through our window.

Q: Who takes the photos?

A: It's a group effort, but the majority of photos right now are taken by team member Abigail O'Laughlin, (aolaughlinphoto).

Q: I need help with rehoming, or stray animals.

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