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Our Adoption Process

Our Cat Lounge functions as a foster home for cats from the Leon County Humane Society. We follow their adoption procedures and requirements. 

The first step in the adoption process is - ideally - you fill out an adoption application through our rescue partner by clicking HERE

Want to come in before filling out an app? You can. However, if you are interested in adopting, it makes the most sense to fill out an app beforehand. Without an approved application, there is a fee to enter the cat room as a guest. The application doesn't have "right" or "wrong" answers, it just starts the conversation. After we review your application, an adoption coordinator will contact you to discuss your application and schedule a time for you to come interview the cats you are interested in, or to generally meet the cats we think will fit best for you! 

We do NOT do same day adoptions. The day you submit the application is not the day we send a cat home.

Fell in love during your visit? Don't despair but fill out an application ASAP and let a Purrista know you submitted an application.  You can also follow up by email at but know that we do not do adoptions on a first-come-first-serve basis. It is by best fit. If multiple people apply for the same kitten or cat, then we would select the best home for them based on the applications. If you don't hear from us on your application, please feel free to email the cafe at - even if the cat you were interested is adopted by someone else, your application through Leon County Humane Society is valid for 6 months or until your address changes.


We will work with you until we find the best match!

All of the cats in the Cat Lounge are safe from euthanasia. They have been rescued by a no-kill non-profit and live here as our foster kittens. Our staff provides care for the cats and assists in finding them homes. We also monitor their health and take their wellbeing extremely seriously. You can leave Tally Cat Cafe knowing the cats you met will be adopted to good homes and your cuddle session can be just that - with no strings, litterboxes, or vet visits attached. 

We do not provide temporary cardboard carriers to adopters, because we want to ensure that you have all you need for the cats well-being and safety. Adopting a cat is a 15-20 year commitment filled with expenses, challenges, and love. It is not a decision we take lightly or on a whim.

We rarely do out of town adoptions. Leon County Humane Society's policies include a safety net for every animal adopted out - they are always welcome back. Adopting animals to farther cities or even states removes that safety net and also removes an opportunity for adoption from your local shelter. 

If a cat you meet in the Cat Lounge inspires you to adopt but you live out of town, please let that inspiration take you to your local shelter so you can save a life and change everything for a cat without a chance. The cats here are already saved but unfortunately there is no shortage of cats in shelters who face euthanasia if they aren't adopted. Plus, cats don't love travel. Save them and yourself the stress of a drive with a scared cat. 


Adoption Fees

The cat's adoption fees go directly to

Leon County Humane Society. 

All of the cats are:





Tested for Feline Leukemia

Kittens (under 6 months) - $ 100

Adults (over 6 months) - $80

Bonded Pairs (two cats or kittens who are required  in their adoption profile to be adopted together) - $125 

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